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Location Solano County, CA
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The heating season is finally here, is your furnace running while you watch your PG&E bill grow? If so I can offer you a solution that will put quality heat in your home and save you money on your PG&E bill. What most people don't know about their heating system is that if it is 20 years old they are probably losing 20% of their heat to leaking ducts and another 20% to an inefficient heater. That's 40 cents on every dollar you spend being thrown away on wasted heat.

If you install a newer high efficient furnace or air conditioning unit you will save that wasted money and most newer furnaces you may qualify for a PG&E rebate. Not only will you lower your heating costs but PG&E will pay you to do it. We offer high quality workmanship at the lowest price on all your heating and air conditioning needs.

Cox Heating & Air Conditioning has been in business since 2008.  I have proudly served Solano, parts of Contra Costa, Napa and Sacramento County.  I have provided HVAC in a wide variety of settings, Commercial and Residential.  I offer installation for new construction as well as for remodel/retrofit installations.  I also perform daily repairs on a per call basis year round.  I also offer maintenance plans.  I am dedicated to providing the best possible total indoor weather solution for your family.